A Healthy Home for a Healthy Family

Although there are many genetic diseases which a person is unable to avoid in any way, modern day medicine has proved that most of the hazards for our mind and body come from the outside. It is important to take special care of what we eat, what we wear, how we spend our free time, but most importantly, it is important to take care of our habitat. The environment we spend most of our time in is crucial for both our health and our mental state. The several ways in which our home affects our health are listed below, as well as a few simple tips to boost that effect.

Rivendell Reverie by Donald Lee Pardue

Image Credit: Donald Lee Pardue (flickr.com)

The pristine Chinese regimentation of Feng Shui is the art of arranging your home in order to draw in positive energy , and to help it linger there . The Chinese believe all inanimate things possess a spirit which affects us, directly or indirectly. Although this spiritualistic side of furniture organization may be hard for some to swallow, it is no secret that the positive aesthetical impression of our surroundings could improve our mood. There are other ways in which we can improve our home to be both healthier and more to our liking. It is known that different colors have a different effect on the human psyche. There are colors that are too aggressive for a room of a child or too distracting for a work environment. Some colors on the other side create an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation around them, and are therefore perfectly harmonious for your mental health.

color-meanings from minteriordesignipedia

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Winter approaches, and it is important that both you and your home are prepared for it. Winter can be beautiful and cheerful, but it can also dampen your mood. There are several problems that you must take care of in your home for this winter. First things first, be sure that your heating system is still adequate and working. This may not be a job that you can do yourself, but you are still in charge when it comes with the selection of a handyman for the job. By making sure the heating is in working order, you might even forget sometimes that it’s winter.

Another issue is the fact that in winter, most of the vegetation is dead and the effect of this deficiency is observable on both physical and psychological health of people, in the form of a slight depression – the winter blues. This is nothing which a beautiful arrangement of houseplants can’t solve. With the coming holidays it could be perfect for you to decorate your home with beautiful Christmas flowers. This small detail could mean a world in improving your mood and willpower. Your psychological health is of equal importance to your physical health.

Living room by Christina Martin

Image Credit: jodie.com.au

There are many germs and unwanted elements piling inside of your house, created by your everyday activities. Normally this is not a serious issue because of the constant stream of fresh air, but during the cold months of winter, your windows are shut most of the time because of the cold and the effect of this pollution inside your house becomes a very serious threat to your health. Therefore, be sure to always open your windows and let some air out, if only for a short amount of time, but daily.

In the end, we may say that the place that you live in defines you. It is a place where you keep your memories and your most precious belongings. What can be more precious than your health and that of your family? On that field your home should be your powerful ally, as long as you pamper it every now and then.

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