8 Crucial Features that Differentiate an Enterprise Class Event Management Software

Enterprise-level event management companies handle hundreds of events every year, and most of them are organized on a large scale, where thousands of people participate. The duties of an event management company are manifold. The event manager and his team must delegate registration and ticket selling facility, promote the events across social media to increase foot falls, send mails to past visitors to remind them about the upcoming events and generate reports to measure their performance.

No matter how many efficient people you have in your event management business, all these tasks can’t be done manually. It’s crucial that you install a robust and customizable event management solution in your IT framework to manage every aspect of an event effortlessly. If you are planning to buy an enterprise-level event management software, make sure it has the features mentioned below.

# Efficient event management facility: It must give you an all-in-one solution for all the management related tasks. You should be able to create multiple events and manage them successfully. The software should be integrated with cloud so that as the system admin, you can access it from anywhere anytime, by using a web browser.

Besides the ticket selling facility, there should be options for end-users to select their travel and accommodation preferences. There must be an option to promote your generous sponsors on the website and add speakers to the events to make people aware of the important people, participating in your events as guests. You may manage corporate exhibitions from time to time and thus, it’s essential to buy a software that allows exhibitors to sign up, select their booth area or type and pay for it online.

# Online registration and ticketing: You may have to handle 3-4 events at the same time and thus, it’s intelligent to invest in a software that lets you create different websites for different events. It’s better if the software comes with an add-on app for mobile phones as well. This will enable the ticket buyers to get the latest updates anytime. Make sure there is a separate online ticket selling facility with payment gateway integration for the audience and registration facility for delegates who will take part in the event as a guest/speaker, not as a member of the audience.

# Event marketing tools: The software should give you ample opportunities to promote your event via email and SMS campaigns. It should offer a reporting tool that lets you measure the success of your email campaign. A good enterprise-level event management software comes with survey creation option as well. It lets you build survey forms, distribute them among the people who attended your event so that you can gather their feedback and constantly improve your business.

# Simple contact management: Pick an event management solution that helps you manage contact details of your patrons without any hassle. Create groups for contacts to ensure the success of your email and SMS marketing campaigns and give end users the freedom to update their details anytime.

# Manage the members: Make sure your chosen software can be integrated into your website for effortless membership management. It should support different member types and manage renewals automatically. Existing members should be able to pay for the renewals and new members can also sign-up anytime.

# Reporting and analysis tools: There should be enough reporting and analytic tools to measure your success as an event management company. You should have the facility to check how your team performed, manage your budgets to ensure profitability and generate email marketing reports to know how many people really paid attention to your promotional content.

# Find new speakers: Instead of searching for eminent guest speakers, the software should help you welcome potential speakers for the upcoming events. Let them sign up, share their papers with you and after reviewing their credentials, you can give them an opportunity to speak at the events managed by you.

# Security: This is the last, but one of the most crucial features of any event management software. Ticket buyers and participants both will share their private details on your website and thus, it’s very important to check the security features offered by the software to keep hackers at bay.

If you find an event management solution that has all the aforementioned features, your search ends there. Contact the vendor and get  the software to take your business to a new level.

Author Bio : This article has been written by Divya. She is a professional blogger at www.ivvy.com. She love to write various kind of articles. Blogging & writing is her hobby

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