6 Healthy Ways to Avoid Twitter Suspension

If you’re getting tired of being suspended on Twitter, then it’s time to make a move and well, do something to avoid it completely. There are Twitter users who are being suspended a lot of times. Irritating, right? You don’t know what the hell happened there. Most especially, if you already built and maintained the account for about some months now. It is really frustrating trying to make amends to get back your account.

Now, for those people who are thinking to join the Twitter world, you need to read this in order to avoid Twitter suspension. This will help you to navigate Twitter smoothly and of course, know the rules of Twitter regarding maintaining a healthy Twitter account.

6 Healthy Ways to Avoid Twitter Suspension

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Read the following rules:

1. AVOID SPAMMING :  Now, the people from Twitter (the admin) check on your profile to know if you created your account to send spam direct messages or spam tweets. The Twitter admin will get a notification if you have an indifferent activity on your account. If you use the GAIN FREE FOLLOWERS tools, then there will be a possibility that your account will be suspended. It is essential that you gain followers and you can do that by manual way of following of Twitter users.

2. AVOID AGGRESSIVE FOLLOWING : Now, if you’re just starting out, be careful when it comes to following Twitter users. You need to at least have 10 tweets before you start following Twitters users. Do it slowly. On first day, don’t follow more than 25 Twitter profiles. On day two, not more than 50. From day 3 onward, follow not more than 100 Twitter profiles.

3. AVOID AGGRESSIVE UNFOLLOWING :  Yes, this too is important. There are Twitter users who unfollow massively when they received the desired amount of followers. There is a bulk unfollow tool for this.

4. AVOID DUPLICATING YOUR TWEETS : If you do this, then your account will get a suspension. There will be a message saying “Whoops!! You already tweeted that!” and you should follow it.

5. AVOID BEING BLOCKED and BE CAREFUL WITH @mentions :  Use the mentions properly cause it serves you the purpose of tweeting the person you want to talk to. So, don’t overdo it. And if you’re an annoying Twitter user, there is a chance that the person you mentioned will block you. So, please, look after your behavior when you use Twitter.

6. DO NOT BUY FOLLOWERS :  This is a big NO-NO. The reason that other people do this is because they can bypass the Twitter’s following limits. And as well as the unfollowing limit. And lastly, it can reduce the chance of profile blocking. Obviously, this is some sort of spam business. Well, if you decide to do this, just make sure (really sure) that you have established a good profile and tweeting sensible things for several months.

Twitter is created to share information and connect with other people with the same interest. Be wise and stay out of trouble when dealing with Twitter. Create a profile that is helpful, informative and don’t forget to be nice to other people online.

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