5 Family Friendly Activities in Singapore

Singapore is a great place with many types of activities for adults and children alike! There are surprisingly more things to do here with your children than you think. Check out our top family friendly activities in Singapore below.


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Previously deserted, Sentosa is an island part of Singapore that is easily accessible, as you don’t have to sit in traffic! You can take a cable car that will hover you over the city. Once you’ve gotten to Sentosa, there are plenty of things to do such as the Dolphin Lagoon at Underwater World and other water parks such as Fantasy Land. With slides and different thrilling rides, you can also visit Universal Studios. Bring your sunscreen and pack your floaties, you might not want to leave!

Since it is an island, there are plenty of inexpensive hotels as well, so you don’t have to continuously travel if you decide to revisit a water park. If you’re thinking about only visiting for water parks and have a day off, relax by the pool with your laptop and become inspired by Singapore films such as “Paradise Road” that stars Glenn Close and Cate Blanchett. You may have to unblock it though, as hotels in Singapore generally have Wi-Fi restrictions.

Science Center

Who says you can’t learn during your vacation? Singapore’s Science Centre is filled with super fun activities that will make your kids feel excited rather than bored. There are more than 13 galleries that feature interactive exhibits to educate the little ones in the world of science. If you’ve ever been to the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts, it’s pretty comparable to this science center.

Singapore Discovery Centre

Much like the science museum, these galleries are interactive, but teach about Singapore’s past. You’re able to ride in a 4D helicopter simulation, create your own news broadcast and live the life of an astronaut – a simulation as well, of course. If you’re looking to plan an educational yet fun day for your little ones, these two places should be at the top of your list.

Snow City

Since Singapore does have a tropical climate, you may not be thrilled with the heat and humidity. Make sure you bring warm clothes, as you’ll need it for Snow City, an indoor center with artificial snow with a real chill. Open every day of the year, you’re able to snowboard, snow tube/sled and ski. You can even have a snowball fight! But beware: your friends back home may be confused when you tell them you played in the snow in Singapore.

Nighttime Safari

If your little ones aren’t too afraid of the night time, then you’ll love this family friendly safari. When going, they take you on a tram ride through a contained park that houses many nocturnal animals in their natural habitat. You’ll be able to go through the jungle at a peaceful and serene time of the night while being able to see some new animals that you’ve never seen before! Most of these animals are endangered, so you want to make sure you see them if they happen to become extinct. You may even learn about some of these nocturnal animals at the Science Centre!



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If you didn’t think there was a lot for children to do, you may be surprised at your findings in this article.. Singapore is more family friendly than often perceived. If you’ve been thinking about going on a trip with your children and were hesitant, here are 6 reasons you shouldn’t be!

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