5 Best iPhone Apps for Businessman

If you are a businessman who heart and soul lies in his or her work, you must consider convenience in running your business. In the past you may have used desktop or laptop computers to maintain books, documents and all the records of the business. Now it is time to step up your game. It is time to introduce class with functionality – iPhone and its apps for business. Imagine carrying around all the essential data of your business in your pocket. Need to check accounts, shoot urgent emails; you can do it while on the subway or eating at a restaurant. Is it too good to be true? Not quite.

Here are five of the best iPhone apps for businessmen.

Field Manage (Free)

Team management is a crucial aspect of a business. It is a difficult one too. But the most difficult thing is managing and overseeing your team in the field. Field Manage app allows you to keep track of your employees in the field and keep you posted with updates. It would require your employees to install this app on their devices. You can use the admin control panel to assign them tasks which they can update while out in the field.

Field service app

Image Credit: servicebridge.com

Field service app

Image Credit: servicebridge.com

Field service app

Image Credit: servicebridge.com

HanDBase ($10)

HanDBase is a slightly expensive app but you get your money worth. It is a database management app that is like a treasure map of your business. It allows you to store all kinds of information regarding your business, billing, customer’s list, expenses, inventory, receipts, documents – you name it. The app is simple to use. You get to choose your database template from various given designs. After picking the one that is most suitable for you, you get cracking.


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Desk.com (Free)

How would you like your iPhone to be your automated customer support channel? Desk.com is an app that combines all your customers in one virtual place and allows you to see their feedback and engage with them. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can also be integrated to keep an eye on your customer activities. You get alerts and options of quick reply messages to your customers.

Salesforce desk

Salesforce desk

Image Credit: blogs.salesforce.com

SquareRegister (Free)

These days it is crucial for any small or medium sized business to have a credit card acceptance system. If you don’t have any, it will annoy your customers. SquareRegister is a free app which allows you to run your credit card system without much hassle. After downloading the app, you register for a dongle device that is mailed to you. After you receive the dongle and place it on the headphone jack of your iPhone, all you have to do is swipe the card and enter the credit card information manually. SquareRegister charges a small free for every transaction.

Square Register Iphone app

Image Credit: flickr.com (Joe Ross)


Let’s round things off on a simpler note. Evernote is an extremely useful iPhone app that allows you to organize a setup. You can enter notes, store snapshots, create tasks, to-do lists and much more. You can also set alerts and reminders. I would also like to point out that iPhone 6 will have a bigger and improved screen. This makes iPhone a very useful mobile for businessmen. And there’s also rumoured to be various improvements in the iPhone 6’s TouchID sensor, which could make it even more attractive to businessmen for payments, security and more.

Evernote Iphone App

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